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Our activity

THE AUTHENTIC JAPANESE FURNITURE was established in 2010 by Olivier Caramelle, who has been learning about Japanese furniture while living there for about 10 years over the last 20 years.

THE AUTHENTIC JAPANESE FURNITURE is offering its European customers the widest choice of genuine Japanese furniture, up to now only available to customers living in Japan as they were not exported.

Japanese furniture mostly consists of chests (tansutansu
Japanese chest, generally speaking piece of furniture for a storage purpose
) and low tables (zatakuzataku
Low table
and kotatsukotatsu
Warming low table
(We do not offer sofa beds: it is not Japanese furniture.)

We have selected our suppliers among Japanese craftmen, still making furniture by hand, with passion, and following the Japanese traditional furniture making techniques.

We are also offering antique furniture, and will advise you between new and antiques depending on your needs.

We are focusing only on premium high-quality furniture.

We are importing to Europe and taking care of the full logistic chain. 

Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we commit to bringing you "a Japanese service" from the first inquiry to the delivery.

This means a qualitative offer, a personalized relationship with each customer, a very special care to their requests, and sharing with them our passion about Japanese furniture.

As a pledge of our sincerity and honnesty, we are offering you the same furniture that we would buy for us.

Feel free to visit our Paris show-room (upon appointment only).